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Chicky Chicky Fry Fry

January 19th, 2016

Meats are a staple of any reception. It’s your biggest protein, and it’s generally considered the centerpiece of any meal. It’s at the center stage, with the spotlight shining on it. But, which meat changes with the trends. It all depends on what’s hot and fresh for the new season, or the new year. So, if you’re wondering what the new hot thing is, look no further. We’ve got the answer, and you might be surprised by what it is.

Traditionally, when people think of a main meat for a reception, they think of some type of beef. Roast beef, sirloin, prime rib, and many others in the same vein. But if you were to check the recent success of certain establishments, and to view the trends that are already taking place in 2016, you’d find that more and more people are doing the chicken dance. Think about it; Chik-Fil-A is opening huge stores in the likes of New York and Chicage, Shake Shack introduced their own chicken sandwich, and chicken and waffles is showing up on menus all over the country. People are loving them some chicken.

Think about all of the things you can do with chicken though. Want a fried chicken sandwich? Easy, glaze that bun in butter and throw a nice pickle on and you’ve got one heck of a sandwich. Know what kids love? Chicken tenders, because who doesn’t love having a dippable treat, where you can have a plethora of sauces, so many so that you can’t possibly taste them all before you’re full. Need a healthier option for some of your guests? Why not have grilled chicken breast. You still get your supply of protein without any of the extra fat of frying it. Chicken can even make for a great mix in or topping to salads, rice, mac and cheese, pasta, and so many other things. So, why not change your protein up and strut your stuff.



What sounds best at the end of a night on the town? Sleep, yes, but also some street food. It’s greasy, comforting, and just downright tasty. Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s what’s most important to me is how tasty the food I’m about to chow down on is. Presentation is all in the time and care put into it, but taste, taste takes time and experience. Now, you may not think that street food is really an acceptable food concept for a reception, but why not? Look, what’s wrong with bending the norm a little bit? Make yourself comfortable, and relax your guests a bit. Look, not everyone knows how to be formal, but everyone knows how to eat some comfort food.

Now, what does street food necessarily consist of? Well, if you’re grabbing food on the street, what do you want out of it? Let’s break down the situation. You’re on the move, you’ve got things to do, and you need to satisfy your hunger. Those same parameters apply to a reception. You’re guests are on the move, and you are definitely on the move, getting facetime with everyone, taking countless pictures, and thanking everyone for attending. You have to have something that you can eat on the move. That means things like grilled chicken skewers, smoked and grilled sausages flavored in different spices, beautiful burritos with different fillings like guacamole, sour cream, chicken, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Egg Rolls are always a hit, sandwiches (pressed or unpressed, hot or cold), burgers and fries, tacos with all the stops pulled out. These food selections offer not only mobility and ease, they also offer you and all of your guests choices, which further engages all of them in the experience so they feel as though they’re part of the occassion, rather than just a bystander. So why not go easy and kick it in the streets?



Super-Water to the Rescue!

January 19th, 2016

Let’s be honest, not all of your guests are going to drink alcohol. Yes, your reception is a party, a celebration of your union, but circumstances don’t always allow for everyone to get their party hats on! Some have work the next day, or they’re the designated driver, or, as is the case most of the time, they have children, or they are children (and as per the law they really shouldn’t be drinking alcohol)! What beverages can you offer? Orange juice is a great morning beverage, but at night it’s not always everyones first choice. Coffee isn’t everyone’s forte either, as some don’t want the staying awake power of caffeine, while others just don’t like the taste.

Now, water is always a solid choice. It’s good for you, it keeps you hydrated and energized, and it’s filling. But, there is a lack of flavor when it comes to water. Now, that’s not a bad thing, not everything needs flavor, but it’s your day, and shouldn’t there be some kind of personalized flair that you chose to use to convey your partners and your style or swagger? Of course there should! So why not do it in a way that everyone you invite can enjoy!

Super-water doesn’t mean radioactive water, it just means flavored water, and that doesn’t mean it has to be store bought or expensive. Just pick out certain flavors and all you’ll need is water that has pieces of the different fruits inside of a container and slowly the juices from the fruit will mingle with the water giving you a delicious, healthy beverage! Watermelon flavored water? Done. Strawberry flavored water? You got it. Cucumber? If that’s your thing, then why not! That’s the point, there’s no limit and all of your guests get to drink a little personalized water that embodies a flavor that you and your partner just love!



Wanna grab some drinks and chat?

November 29th, 2015

Receptions and parties don’t always need social lubricant. It’s more than possible to have an incredible amount of fun without any libations. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to cut back and just have a good time. Now, beer and wine are kind of hard to customize. Yes, type of beer, with all the possible craft selections, and type of wine offer a wide array of choices and customization. What if you want something a little more though? Something other than just a different bottle with a slightly different flavor. What if you want a drink, flavorful and crafted just for you?

Why not set up stations for a sangria bar? Think about it, it’s a delightfully fruity drink, in most cases, that can be customized depending on what you’d like your drink to taste like. Sparkling cherry sangria is a nice bubbly drink to really get the fun of the night started off right. A mixed berry sangria allow for a tasty, sweet type of refreshment. Peach sangria is a great local type refreshment that is well known with Florida bordering right on Georgia. If you’d like to give it a little bit of bubbly, you can add a ginger ale to add a slight mixture of flavor and carbonation. If you’re looking for something with a little more tartness, a rose sangria is the way to go. It’s a combination of rose wine and grapefruit, for those who want a little bit of sweet but more something to add a little lip puckering. Citrus and pomegranate sangria offers a slightly healthier sangria selection, due to all the antioxidants. If you’re looking for something with a little bit, try a spicy sangria. Infused with what ingredients desired, peppers are added, giving the drink that extra little kick, to really fire up the taste buds. Just consider a personalized Sangria bar. We here at Renaissance Catering know all about wanting your big day personalized.


There’s been a lot of talk about sweets. That’s because desserts and sweets are half of the reception meal. Yes, the main dishes are extremely important. Generally, the sweets come in complicated, artistic designs. That’s great, and there is no problem at all in wanting something elegant and craftily put together. However, sometimes sweet and indulgent don’t have to come in pretty packaging, or done up to look like an art piece. Sometimes a cheap plastic wrap contains some special treat that is only an every once in awhile indulgence. Something that you’d only have on your cheat day, or when you’re looking to have a nice little snack. The kind of snacks and treats that bring out the child in all of us very rarely come in complex designs. Sometimes, simplicity is the highest art form.

I’m not suggesting you throw out some classy idea you may be leaning towards. But maybe you don’t know what you want. Maybe you’re not sure what to do for your cake, or for an alternative dessert or sweets option, and you need some ideas. Maybe you don’t even like cake, and it’s your big day, you shouldn’t have to eat something that you don’t like! Maybe you want to keep it ridiculously simple. Maybe you want to feel that giddy kind of joy that only a child can feel. You’re already joining with the person you love most in a union, so why not act like two kids who got the okay from a parent to indulge in sweet decadence. That’s why having sweets from your childhood is a great idea! Say you like Snoballs? Or maybe you’re more of a Twinkies person. Maybe you lean more towards Ho-Ho’s and Ding Dongs. Or maybe you like the packaged mini muffins, it doesn’t matter! It doesn’t always have to be complicated and overly complex, sometimes you just want the simple sweetness that only a snack cake can provide, so it’s your big day, and nothings off the menu!


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