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What sounds best at the end of a night on the town? Sleep, yes, but also some street food. It’s greasy, comforting, and just downright tasty. Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s what’s most important to me is how tasty the food I’m about to chow down on is. Presentation is all in the time and care put into it, but taste, taste takes time and experience. Now, you may not think that street food is really an acceptable food concept for a reception, but why not? Look, what’s wrong with bending the norm a little bit? Make yourself comfortable, and relax your guests a bit. Look, not everyone knows how to be formal, but everyone knows how to eat some comfort food.

Now, what does street food necessarily consist of? Well, if you’re grabbing food on the street, what do you want out of it? Let’s break down the situation. You’re on the move, you’ve got things to do, and you need to satisfy your hunger. Those same parameters apply to a reception. You’re guests are on the move, and you are definitely on the move, getting facetime with everyone, taking countless pictures, and thanking everyone for attending. You have to have something that you can eat on the move. That means things like grilled chicken skewers, smoked and grilled sausages flavored in different spices, beautiful burritos with different fillings like guacamole, sour cream, chicken, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Egg Rolls are always a hit, sandwiches (pressed or unpressed, hot or cold), burgers and fries, tacos with all the stops pulled out. These food selections offer not only mobility and ease, they also offer you and all of your guests choices, which further engages all of them in the experience so they feel as though they’re part of the occassion, rather than just a bystander. So why not go easy and kick it in the streets?



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