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Shake it off, Shake it off!

November 29th, 2015

There’s something about the traditions of wedding and receptions that acts as a time machine. It doesn’t feel anachronistic to still follow the same traditions that everyone who came before followed. There’s something magical about it, some unseen connection that each and every couple who have ever joined in a union are just following in something greater than themselves. All of the married couples watching the ceremony are transported into the past, while all of the current couples who haven’t taken the leap are looking into a potential future, while the couple getting married is living their present, bringing their past to bear, and looking forward to the future. It’s a beautiful thought and an amazing experience for all involved. There’s one treat that has seemed to permeate throughout time. It sounds classic when mentioned, and yet it’s still craved to this day, and it stays the same while also receiving slight innovations throughout time. That treat is the milkshake.

Don’t milkshakes scream 50’s diner? Yet, somehow, they’re still a desirable treat today. They don’t go out of style. Milkshakes are timeless. So why not have a milkshake bar? Transport your guests to the past, while also enjoying the present and looking toward the future. There are so many choices, especially now with how creative the business has gotten. There’s no longer just the three standards, although there’s nothing wrong with them. Feel like a s’mores milkshake? No problem. Want a drinkable apple pie? Done deal. Cookies n’ Creme is always great as an ice cream, it’s going to be just as great as a milkshake. They even have cake flavors, so if you don’t really feel like eating any cake, you can just grab a shake of it and have just as great of a time! If you want to add on, why not have some toppings? Whipped creme, sprinkles, cherries, all are classics. There’s some that you may not have even considered, such as french fries, the salt contrasting with the sweet, thick taste of the shakes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Just something to consider!


Don’t Call it a Cookie!

November 29th, 2015

Looking for a dessert that’s small, portable, not overly filling but definitely decadent and rich in flavor? Cookies are a great option, so are cupcakes, but maybe you’re not feeling either of those. Maybe you want it to have plenty of versions so that you and your guests have choices, rather than only one flavor to choose from, like you would with a cake. Well, if we’re looking for little pastries that are going to pack a lot of punch, then maybe we should look to one very specific, fancy little treat. That little treat comes in many different forms, and is even made in many different ways depending on which country you’re visiting, and that pastries name is macaron.

Macarons are a merengue based dessert, where a jam, cream, or ganache is used to fill the space connecting two cookies. It’s a French style dessert, so it inherently comes with a level of class to it that most of your guests won’t be expecting. Now, the flavor of the macarons is up to you and whatever you think your guests will be looking for. Salted caramel is always a great choice, and it’s a choice that most guests are comfortable with. For the coffee addicts you may be inviting, what about a columbian coffee flavor? If you’re looking for a more rich, strong flavor, there’s always Belgian chocolate flavor. Maybe you want some fruit flavors in there, as to offer something sweet, yet refreshing and not overpowering? Raspberry fits exactly into that description. Mint chocolate is one of the flavors offered as a more American style macaron. Coconut is one of the more mild flavors that caters to those guests who like that kind of vacation, tropical style flavoring. Orange chocolate flavor is a more refined flavor, with the sweetness of the chocolate playing with the citrus flavor. So, give it a thought, and maybe macarons are the way to add some extra class to your reception while also offer a plethora of sweet, indulgent flavors!


So, burgers are a pretty standard American dish, right? You get some ground beef, form it into a patty, grill it until you get the center at the right color for yourself, throw it in between a bun, and add on a few toppings and dig in, right? It’s a simple, straight forward dish. However, the failure is not the burgers for being so simple, but rather in not dreaming or thinking of the possibilities. Yes, it can be simple, and it’s easily held, but, it can be so much more. And really, isn’t that what a wedding represents too? Something so simple in essence, a ceremony and vows recited, and there you have it, but the future is filled with so many complexities and unknowns. So take that simple burger, and why not make it unique just like your marriage is going to be?

In what ways can a burger become something more, something complex, you might ask. Well, the devils in the details. There of course is the type of beef used to make the patty in the first place. There are bison burgers, kobe burgers, turkey burgers, and so on. So, you start with the type of meat you want and how you want it grilled. Whether you like a little pink, or more thoroughly cooked through. Next come the fixings. Lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, cheese, these are the basic ones. Why not throw an egg on top? Get the nice yoke to soak the bun and meat. Or how about some peanut butter, to offer up a strange but tasty mingling of flavors. How about some pulled pork and barbecue sauce on top, to add a little sweet, smokiness to go with the succulent taste of the burger. Why not add some jab to the burger, getting a sweet, fruity texture to offset the rich, grilled flavor? If you really wanna get crazy, get rid of the buns and use two glazed donuts. Just don’t let your reception meal get boring, keep it fresh and imaginative!


Sweet, Sweet Serenity!

November 29th, 2015

There have been plenty of posts about desserts. Obviously, sweets are a big part of any wedding. It’s just how you end the night, by having a tasty treat to send your tastebuds off into dreamland. Now, what’s the centerpiece of dessert for any wedding? Cake, right? That’s the traditional answer. I mean, cake is great. But there’s another dessert that has it’s own devote following, and there’s no going wrong if you choose it over traditional. That, ladies and gentleman, is cakes heralded family member, cheesecake.

Now, if there’s one thing that can be said about cheesecake is that it is not held to any certain standards. It’s allowed to walk to the beat of it’s own drummer, the only consistency being in, well, the cakes consistency. Think of all of the combinations you could go with. If you want an Oreo cheesecake, you can use Oreo cookies as the crust, add crumbled Oreos on top as a garnish, while having a chocolate and vanilla cream as the main part of the cake. That’s just one type, and there are so many more. A s’mores cheesecake has a delicious graham cracker base, a nice, melted marshmallow fluff drizzling and topping, with chocolate and vanilla flavored cake. That’s the versatility that cheesecake offers. It also is a great dipper for a chocolate fountain, that way you get the rich, fluffy taste of the cheesecake with decadent melted chocolate cascading over each and every piece. The misconception with cheesecake is that there’s only ever one flavor. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is that you’re getting a dessert that is only limited by imagination, whatever you may desire is what the cheesecake can be made to taste like. The crust is one of the more fun parts too, as almost anything that can be crumbled and reformed and molded is open to the possibility of being a crust. So, don’t be afraid to get creative in what you might want from your dessert!


Keeping Things Rolling!

November 29th, 2015

Let’s talk about sushi. It’s one of the hottest current food trends. It’s becoming more and more common for a group of friends to meet up at a sushi bar, to share a few rolls, have some sake, and to just relax while not feeling overly full or stuffed. Now, what’s traditional wedding food fare? Some kind of vegetable dish, normally a few starches such as mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, a form of salad, some dinner rolls, and of course a hearty meat selection, such as chicken, or roast beef. All are great dishes, to be sure, but why not have a sushi bar? You and your guests can experience the rainbow of tastes offered by the many different rolls, pun intended!

Just think about it; sushi rolls offer nice, bite sized morsels, so that your guests can grab a few different kinds, while never feeling like they’re too weighed down to dance the night away! As for selections, well, that’s the easy part! Eel offers an amazing salty taste, with a more solid feel to it, rather than some of the slickness of the other rolls. Salmon rolls offer up a dish that might be more familiar to some of the guests, along with tuna rolls. For guests that aren’t huge seafood fans, there are things such as cucumber rolls, or tofu and green onion rolls, even some rolls that incorporate eggs. Sushi is already a healthy selection, but for guests who are looking to go extra healthy, brown rice can be used. Now, as for vegetables, edamame offers up a fun little dish that you just pop that beans out and into your mouth. If you’re looking for something with a little bit of a crunch, tempura shrimp or chicken can be offered up, it’s just a style of frying. Spring and egg rolls are also great, crunchy stuffed rolls, with various vegetables, whereas others can have chicken. Hey, it’s not traditional, but why not give a sushi bar a try for your big day?


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