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There’s been a lot of talk about sweets. That’s because desserts and sweets are half of the reception meal. Yes, the main dishes are extremely important. Generally, the sweets come in complicated, artistic designs. That’s great, and there is no problem at all in wanting something elegant and craftily put together. However, sometimes sweet and indulgent don’t have to come in pretty packaging, or done up to look like an art piece. Sometimes a cheap plastic wrap contains some special treat that is only an every once in awhile indulgence. Something that you’d only have on your cheat day, or when you’re looking to have a nice little snack. The kind of snacks and treats that bring out the child in all of us very rarely come in complex designs. Sometimes, simplicity is the highest art form.

I’m not suggesting you throw out some classy idea you may be leaning towards. But maybe you don’t know what you want. Maybe you’re not sure what to do for your cake, or for an alternative dessert or sweets option, and you need some ideas. Maybe you don’t even like cake, and it’s your big day, you shouldn’t have to eat something that you don’t like! Maybe you want to keep it ridiculously simple. Maybe you want to feel that giddy kind of joy that only a child can feel. You’re already joining with the person you love most in a union, so why not act like two kids who got the okay from a parent to indulge in sweet decadence. That’s why having sweets from your childhood is a great idea! Say you like Snoballs? Or maybe you’re more of a Twinkies person. Maybe you lean more towards Ho-Ho’s and Ding Dongs. Or maybe you like the packaged mini muffins, it doesn’t matter! It doesn’t always have to be complicated and overly complex, sometimes you just want the simple sweetness that only a snack cake can provide, so it’s your big day, and nothings off the menu!


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