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Posted by Jordan Kelly, Event Coordinator   It’s engagement season! She said yes and now it is time to get the planning started. If you are considering Renaissance for your catering, you probably want to know, “When can I try the food?!” Well, we’ve recently changed to a new system that we think will be […]

Make it your way!

October 5th, 2015

Wedding receptions are always a celebration. That’s what they are first and foremost. There’s good food, strong drink, and friendly conversation. People are dancing and mingling. But sometimes, even all of that’s not enough. Guests need to be engaged, more to the point, you as the guesrs of honor need to be engaged, it’s your […]

The ink is running!

October 5th, 2015

In our fast paced world today, it’s not always possible to read. There’s so much going on with people working, keeping up relationships, taking care of the little day to day things. Reading is a luxury, but for those who choose to engage in it, reading is a magical escape. Countless worlds are open to […]

Camping is a tradition in terms of the human culture. Whether we think about it as such is all relative. Our ancestors lived in the wild, forgaging and hunting to serve. Nowadays, it’s seen as more of a leisure time activity. Friends and families go out into the woods with tents, bonfire equipment, sleeping bags, […]

Florida isn’t necessarily considered when it comes to naming which states are a part of the south. It’s because there are so many variations in the state in terms of culture that it becomes difficult to really pin it down, depending on what area you’re in. That doesn’t mean you should discount it as a theme […]

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