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November 29th, 2015

Receptions and parties don’t always need social lubricant. It’s more than possible to have an incredible amount of fun without any libations. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to cut back and just have a good time. Now, beer and wine are kind of hard to customize. Yes, type of beer, with all the possible craft selections, and type of wine offer a wide array of choices and customization. What if you want something a little more though? Something other than just a different bottle with a slightly different flavor. What if you want a drink, flavorful and crafted just for you?

Why not set up stations for a sangria bar? Think about it, it’s a delightfully fruity drink, in most cases, that can be customized depending on what you’d like your drink to taste like. Sparkling cherry sangria is a nice bubbly drink to really get the fun of the night started off right. A mixed berry sangria allow for a tasty, sweet type of refreshment. Peach sangria is a great local type refreshment that is well known with Florida bordering right on Georgia. If you’d like to give it a little bit of bubbly, you can add a ginger ale to add a slight mixture of flavor and carbonation. If you’re looking for something with a little more tartness, a rose sangria is the way to go. It’s a combination of rose wine and grapefruit, for those who want a little bit of sweet but more something to add a little lip puckering. Citrus and pomegranate sangria offers a slightly healthier sangria selection, due to all the antioxidants. If you’re looking for something with a little bit, try a spicy sangria. Infused with what ingredients desired, peppers are added, giving the drink that extra little kick, to really fire up the taste buds. Just consider a personalized Sangria bar. We here at Renaissance Catering know all about wanting your big day personalized.


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