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Wedding receptions are always a celebration. That’s what they are first and foremost. There’s good food, strong drink, and friendly conversation. People are dancing and mingling. But sometimes, even all of that’s not enough. Guests need to be engaged, more to the point, you as the guesrs of honor need to be engaged, it’s your day, and things should go your way! One fun way to do this, that both adults and children will enjoy, is to have do it yourself stations.

Now, that sounds broad and kind of daunting. It doesn’t have to be though, because, what you’ll need to remember, is that your guests get to do everything themselves, you get to be hands free and solely focused on enjoying the rest of the night that’s all about you! The stations can be for so many things! A design your own cookie station would be beloved by adults and children, and they could all design a cookie for themselves, or for the couple, or for a family member or friend. Or, if you’re having a spring wedding, why not have a do it yourself egg painting station, and serve eggs as a meal course? It’d be a fun nod and it would offer more decorations created by your very guests! Or maybe a design your own sundae, and provided are toppings, and different base ice cream flavors, that way everyone is pleased and doesn’t have to pick from one or two predetermined flavors. You could even do a trade off, and have guests use dough to make dishes, such as sandwiches, and have them do a sandwich trade, so that everyone is trying to make the craziest design possible! It’s all just a way to bring everyone closer together while also providing a fun activity that everyone can participate in!