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Posted by Jordan Kelly. Event Coordinator


It is becoming more and more common these days for individuals to embrace vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free lifestyles and brides and grooms often want to make sure ALL of their guests have filling meals and don’t get stuck with just a salad. Renaissance Catering has no problem accomodating for all kinds of dietary restrictions. Below, we’ve lined up a list of questions you’ll need to answer when determining how to keep your vegan, vegetarian and gluten free guests happy.

How many special-order guests will you have? 

When you do your closing meeting with the caterer, you’ll need to know exactly how many special plates you will need and what kind. An easy way to keep track of this during the party planner is to make a spot on your invitations for preferences.

What do you want served to your special-order guests? 

Do you want to provide all of your vegetarian guests with a Chef’s Choice entree or is there something specific you have in mind? Would you like the chef to simply alter your regular menu to be gluten free for a few plates or make a different, gluten free meal?

[If party is a sit down dinner] Where are your special-order guests sitting? [If party is a buffet] How will guests distinguish themselves as special-order guests? 

To avoid any mix-ups (i.e. a guest who didn’t request a special order taking someone else’s plate) it would be wise to find a way to designate your special order guests in some way. A popular choice is to make a special mark on their place cards (i.e. V for Vegan, Veg for Vegetarian, GF for Gluten Free).

All in all, having a few cousins who don’t like meat or a coworker who eats gluten free is no sweat. Renaissance Catering has got you covered!