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May 2nd we had the pleasure of catering the wedding of these two wonderful folks! We got to spend our time making sure that all the guests needs were met, along with providing some delicious cuisine. There were cheesy potatoes, green beans, a vegetable medley, some delicious chicken and beef (although, truth be told, everything was delicious), along with rice, salad, and bread! Everyone got to dig in and eat to their hearts content, and we were happy to oblige!

The beautiful couple also had ordered the champagne package, so, while the new Mr. & Mrs. were basking in their spotlight, we were moving about to make sure that every guest had a glass full of bubbly for the first toast towards enduring happiness! It didn’t stop there though, as they also ordered the beer and wine package, while bringing their own liquor so that the celebrations could go all night! The music was bumping and the mood was sublime, the way any reception after a wedding should be!

The party was splendidly set up, with light blues as the colors of the night. It was very much an oceanic, seaside feel to the reception, with the bride and groom represented on the top of the cupcake table in the forms of seahorses, and there’s not a better state to choose such a theme!




I’d dare anyone to say that doesn’t look like a wildly good time! That’s just what we strive for though. We’re always aiming to bring you the best food and drinks and to give you our full attention and care. We can help with the set up and layout and design of the reception, while also being able to prepare any dish that sounds delectable to your palate. We have a plethora of packages to meet any party size and we’ll work with you to be the most accommodating catering company we can possibly be. If you’re interested, be sure to give us a call, and we can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed when you contact us!