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We here at Renaissance Catering are all about customer service and providing entertainment, which is why it seems a good time to talk about how we are willing to travel anywhere in the Central Florida area to cater your event. Destination weddings are becoming a trend that’s gaining a lot of traction and moment as of late. Well, we happen to be positioned in a perfect location for a destination wedding. Central Florida, from coast to coast, has more than it’s fair share of beautiful waterside venues, historical sites, such as our very own Porcher House, not to mention the sunshine that our state is so well known for!

We’re not just offering up our location as a venue, but we’re also offering our service! If you want to have a location wedding with us catering, we’re looking to cook up whatever grub you would like. Is money a little too tight to travel far off to some distant location and throw a lavish wedding? We can cook up the cuisine of your dream area and decorate the venue so that you’ll feel as though you’re there. That’s what we do. We try to make sure that your special day is a day to remember! If you’d like to have a beer package, we can get beers from your dream location so that the taste of your desired land lingers on your lips long after the last of your guests have gone home. Let us help you to either maximize your destination wedding here in Florida, or give us the chance to bring the location to you, so that you don’t have to travel that far! Porcher House Exterior view