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Tell me that doesn’t look good, and I’ll call you a liar…Okay, well, I won’t go that far, but we here at Renaissance have that and more cooking up! Our chefs are always looking to create new dishes, because their culinary genius cannot be contained! Besides that, we can’t wait to share them with you. Any even should always have a dedicated staff looking to bring delectable bites to you, and to make your mouth water not just from the savory dishes, but also from the efficient and friendly servers. We also offer buffet style service, sit down, many appetizers and entrees, and tons of other services! Trust me, this blog post is not just us bragging, we really want to bring this type of quality to your plates. What is a work of art if it isn’t to be appreciated? Couldn’t be the same be said of out of this world food?

Or say you’re more of a sweets person, there’s nothing wrong with that, and we’re not here to judge! We’re here to indulge!


Look at that mountain of pure enjoyment. Do you dare to climb it? Can you conquer each of those fluffy, decorated angels that were sent down from some chef who knew that you deserved this? Well the only way to find out is to get in touch with us and let us bring all of this to you!