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Beach season can’t come soon enough! Who doesn’t want to get out and get a bit of a tan? Know what’s better than just getting a nice bronze going? How about enjoying a nice catered event while doing it!

We here at renaissance can’t wait to dive in and really start diving into the fun and the sun. Trust us, we love the beach as much as the next person, and we also love helping others enjoy it as well! Have a wedding coming up, then jetting off to a Caribbean island to splash around? Don’t worry about it! Let us help you enjoy that day before you jettison off to your days in paradise! Let us get you into the swing of things beforehand with one of our fruit platters! Or, maybe you’re excited to lounge under an umbrella and just enjoy where you’re at with a nice rum and coke in hand. Either way, we can get you started off right and really start setting the mood!

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Or maybe you or a family member is a beach baby, looking to have a birthday party. Well, we can still be there, and we can still help! We’re really excited for this season, as many events are coming up, and we hope that each and every one is a great event! Summer is a great time, a time when many people try and get away and just relax for a little bit. This winter is one of the coldest ones that’s hit us in a while, and because of that, don’t we all deserve a little beach time and to have a vacation, at least for a little bit? Let us help you do that! Just sit back, relax, grab a Mai Tai, and let us guide you in taking in a bit of the sun. Who ever tried to use the term beach bums as an insult really didn’t know what they were talking about, did they?