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Weddings are generally lavish and decadent celebrations meant to bring everyone together in a unification of families, and as a revelry in the love of a new couple. Many people use that time to go all out when eating, because why not? It’s not a time to feel guilty about anything you eat. It’s a time to forget the calories and just really enjoy the atmosphere and company, and just soak everything in and worry about the consequences later. That’s a perfectly fine way to have a wedding, and we here at Renaissance Catering have no problem with that type of wedding reception, whatsoever. In fact, we support every type of wedding cuisine, because we’re gonna be serving the best.

However, heavier fare is not for everyone. That’s not gonna stop us from trying to make sure that you’re served everything you could possibly on your special day. A lot of people are moving more and more towards healthier lifestyles and trying to eat clean and healthy. A lot of people aren’t looking to get a lot of soul food, or feel good feel. People are moving towards trying to eat more green, and to really embrace their bodies and not putting anything that’s out of their restricted diets.

Don’t be afraid to ask us about catering healthier options! We still make delicious salads, and have plenty of fruit and vegetable dishes that would be more than enough to fill up anyone. Besides that, there are plenty of other options to choose from, as our chefs won’t turn down anything. If it’s possible, we’ll try it. Lifestyles are an important thing to respect, and we more than do that here, and we’re always looking to expand our offerings to serve more and more people, because that’s our goal at the end of the day. Expanding our offerings just means that we get to help make more people beam on their wedding day.