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It’s strange to think how drastically regional food choices can differ. However, it’s something to consider when deciding what to serve your wedding party. It doesn’t just have to be regionally specific. The food can really represent the location of the wedding reception. Renaissance Catering can offer up anything, which means that we’re not limited to just a certain food styling. So start thinking about where you’re going to have your reception when you’re also considering what type of food you would like to have catered at your event. Think of it like this: if you’re by the sea or the water, maybe a seafood main dish might play to the elements at work around you. If you’re in a rustic location, maybe some steak, barbecue, or other hardy and full foods would be a better choice.

It’s not necessarily the thing to center all of your planning around, it’s just something to consider to give your wedding that extra little flair or spice. Because that’s what every couple is looking for on their big day, they want everything to be special, and to walk away from it with memories that are going to last a lifetime. Speaking of lifetime, think back all throughout yours. What foods really defined your lives, as a couple, and even before that. Weddings are celebrations of two lives becoming one, but those lives are conjoined now, so why not bring the foods of both partners together, to create a culinary culmination of history. Everyone present can rejoice in the foods that sated and brought joy to the happy couple. That way everyone can walk away feeling satisfied and contented in knowing that they got to join in on those little memories with you by also tasting the foods alongside you. Food is meant to be shared, as well as memories. IMG_3579 (1)