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This year, one of the hottest trends sweeping throughout many weddings is…well, what we do best; food. Food is becoming a much larger part of weddings, with couples gearing their whole weddings around what they’ll be serving their guests. Food is technically what brings guests together. It’s where everyone sets asides their difference and dilemmas just to enjoy a brief respite from the events of the day. The only surprising thing about this movement is how fully couples are throwing themselves into these food themed wedding. Some are doing Chik – Fil – A themes, while other go for a full on sweet tooth feel with a Choco Taco station. The point is this: With weddings becoming more and more elaborate and the various complications of them growing, maybe it’s time to slow down and realize that everyone is there to celebrate a wedding, and that maybe the best thing to bring all of that full circle is some delicious grub.

The link below leads to an article on about various weddings that have been replacing extravagant liquor bars with food bars: