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If you follow along the newer line of thought on what’s cool and what’s in, you’ll start to realize that the coolest thing to do is to either draw inspiration from the past, or to do something totally out of left field. Many couples don’t like to completely upend the institution that a marriage ceremony and reception have become, so what better what to differentiate from everyone else than to do it through your invitation? The invitation is the first impression, it’s the door keeper inviting everyone into the party. If you can make that your own, then you already have your audience swiveling their head wondering what’s in store for the night. It doesn’t even need to be necessarily flashy; minimalism is in season, so simple isn’t necessarily boring. It can be an understated message telling of how this day belongs to the two of you. Then, you just let the rest of the day speak for itself. Some couples are going for the more brazen approach, sending out vinyl discs or wood engravings to tell all of their day of union. The point is this; if you want the day to be remembered by everyone, make sure the first step you take is to solidify the wedding and the date as belonging to you. The rest will fall into place.

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