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One of the many services we provide that’s grown very popular lately is our bar service. From our Silver Package and up, we offer House Champagne or Asi Spumante with every package, which our attentive staff will be sure to disperse just before the first major toast of the night. The day and night have already been filled with ecstasy, but why not let us bring you some refreshments so that you can go with gusto into the second wind of the celebration? Our Emerald Package comes with the champagne or Asi Spumante, but you’ll also receive four hours with one of our bartenders serving up some refreshing and spirit lifting beer and wines. The Gold and Diamond packages, which are the two premier packages that we offer, come with everything mentioned before, but on top of everything, house brand liquor will be included. With those kind of choices, everyone will be able to find something to wet their whistle on. For the little ones, soda is also included as part of the bar packages. They should be having just as good of a time as all the adults, right? Now, I know all of this sounds too good to be true. A catering company that will not only offer you spirits to swill, but will also bring enough delicious food to feed an army? No way, right? Well, it’s all true, and we here at Renaissance are always up to the task of giving you an entertaining and fantastic event! What makes any and all of the packages worth their weight in gold are the services provided, but it’s the serving staff that really sells each and everyone. The bartenders will make sure every hand has a drink gripped tightly, and they will make sure that every drink is concocted exactly as ordered. Our serving staff will make sure that those drinks are accompanied by food so that bellies and hearts will stay full all through the night! IMG_3479 IMG_3481 IMG_3482