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We here at Renaissance Catering had the complete and utter honor of catering and servicing at the Medal of Honor Statue Ceremony for Sgt. Melvin Morris. He is a true hero and we did our best to ensure that he and his guests were given every ounce of effort from our staff in showing him just how grateful we are for everything that he did in his time serving. It was a 200 person event, but we made sure that every guest receive attention and care in terms of their services. We were able to provide a salad, an entree, and a very delicious dessert! We were so excited that we were asked to do this event, because something of this magnitude cannot be taken lightly, and nothing short of excellence should be expected! We here at Renaissance all knew the gravity of the situation, so we gave it everything we had.

It was a great opportunity to see just how efficiently all of our staff works together, and just how seamlessly we’re able to handle events of any size! We heard the call and answered, just as Sgt. Melvin Morris did before. His service for our country and our freedom cannot receive enough gratitude from all of us here at Renaissance Catering, and we were so honored to have been entrusted, and we are thankful for the opportunity. Thank you to everyone who was there!

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