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It’s all about choices. Wedding days are definitely not the easiest days of anyones lives. They’re still some of the happiest, but there’s a lot that has to go into such an event, and sometimes the choices can become overwhelming. One thing that many couples to be have to go through is not only figuring out what type of food will be at your ceremony, but also how all of the food will be dished out, or whether it’d be easier if guests were able to grab however much they wanted of whatever dish they enjoyed. That’s why we at Renaissance Catering offer both sit down dinners and buffet style dinners. Sometimes you want a waiting staff to take care of you, minimizing the stress of having everyone up and about. Buffet style allows guests to eat their fill, and then they don’t have to worry about waiters floating around the tables, going behind chairs and interrupting conversations. Either option is a viable one, and it all just comes down to preference. We can talk to you about what foods you’d like and which serving option would be better suited for your ceremony. We have an experienced staff that is more than willing help you out to take some of the stress away from the big day!

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