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RESERVATIONS: 321-504-0641

When it comes to weddings, many people don’t realize just how many things they have to plan for. Weddings don’t just happen, and it’s better to be prepared. Catering is just one of those things that has to be accounted for. Most wedding guides will tell you that it is best to start reserving or at least inquiring about different services about a year before the wedding, so that you have enough time to make sure you end up with everything you’ll want and need when your big day rolls around. We here at Renaissance Catering are willing to take your reservations with plenty of time, that way you have one less thing to worry about! With Summer upon us, it’s a good time to start giving us a call for weddings you’d like to have in the fall and winter, and we’ll be sure to start planning for anything that you would like us to bring or provide! Give us a call and we’ll start gathering everything up so we can be the first ones there to congratulate you and your significant other and to get the party started!