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Camping is a tradition in terms of the human culture. Whether we think about it as such is all relative. Our ancestors lived in the wild, forgaging and hunting to serve. Nowadays, it’s seen as more of a leisure time activity. Friends and families go out into the woods with tents, bonfire equipment, sleeping bags, etc. There’s something visceral and primitive about being in the wild, under the stars, breathing in the fresh air, listening to the cracks, creaks, and sway of nature. It offers up the sense of being at peace with the natural world, being a part of it. Sounds kind of like marriage, right? It’s something wild and unbriddled. You can’t tame it, because the passion burns so brightly, and two become one, working their way through the world.

So, partnerships is a part of nature, so why not have your reception reflect that desire to become a part of something untamed and unbriddled? Why not have something that reflects that desire to connect, such as a camping theme! Think about it, you could have centralized tables with candles going, or even mini fire pits burning. It’s a fun way to bring everyone together and to get them connecting and talking, telling stories, bonding over all of their shared memories with the happy couple. Think about the food choices it offers up as well! Smores are a classic, who doesn’t like seeing the flames lick at the marshmallow, slowly heating it up to put between a crisp pair of graham crackers with a rich bit of chocolate? To keep with the theme, there could be pit roasted pork served, to keep that smokey scent and flavor going. How about some grilled corn? It offers a sweet little crunch but still has an outdoor type feel. How about some nice fruit and chicken/steak skewers? The point is, you can have a grill out while also camping, all for your reception. How often do you hear about that? Be unique, embrace your naturalistic tendencies, embrace nature, and live wild and free with your new spouse!