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Florida isn’t necessarily considered when it comes to naming which states are a part of the south. It’s because there are so many variations in the state in terms of culture that it becomes difficult to really pin it down, depending on what area you’re in. That doesn’t mean you should discount it as a theme for your event. Just because we’re not in the traditional south doesn’t mean we don’t know how to get down and dirty. Renaissance knows what it’s like to work hard, take care of your family, and embrace the suddenness of life and unexpected natural occurences.

One way to make sure you get the most rustic, nitty gritty party is to do it through your food and glassware. It’s a mix of elegance and rough, unrefined. That way, you still get to dress up and look beautiful and handsome, while also getting to eat like cowboys of old. You get to feel as though you’re roughing it out on the new frontier, while still being allowed the luxuries of the modern era.

So, how does an event go about being rustic? Mason jars a fun way for your guests to enjoy their beverages while also having a commemorative glass to always remember your event, wedding or otherwise. It’s just a fun little change up to offer guests something they can claim as their own. The other ways are in your food choices. Beans seems unrefined and lowly, but they’re a tasty, filling dish that is very accessible. If that doesn’t work for you, what about venison? So you can experience the taste of hunting for your own food without having too. Baked mac n’ cheese is another hardy dish that just sings out that it’s rustic, made to fill and to ease ones mind. All of these are filling dishes that don’t try to be overly eloquent. It’s simple, it’s down and dirty, and it’s all yours, to add a dash of salt and earth to your ceremony.