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Posted by Jordan Kelly, Event Coordinator




  1. Infused Water Station

This is an easy, classy touch to any wedding. Even the water at your wedding can be more colorful and flavorful by having a variety of fruit-infused waters such as raspberry and pineapple or lemon, lime and mint.


  1. Carving Station

This is a great option to put at the end of your wedding buffet. Guests love seeing their piece of New York strip steak, london broil or beef tenderloin carved by a chef right in front of them.


  1. Martini Mashed Potato Station

Mashed potatoes served in martini glasses, with toppings guests can add themselves such as shredded cheese, bacon, scallions, gravy and more. This one is always a hit at parties Renaissance caters, and the presentation of the martini glasses is stunning!



  1. Mini Dessert Bar

Don’t want to go for the classic wedding cake? Or maybe you do, but you want to also offer an option for guests who don’t like cake. One great possibility is a miniature dessert bar. At Renaissance Catering, our miniature dessert selections include shot glasses with assorted fillings (mousse, tiramisu, strawberry shortcake, key lime pie), mini cheesecake bites, brownie bites, chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies, chocolate eclairs and cream puffs.


  1. Late Night Munchies Bar

If you are worried about your guests still being hungry after a night of dancing, it might be a good idea to give them a final bite near the end of the night to satisfy their cravings (and help soak up some of that alcohol before they drive.) This could be anything, really, but we find tacos and hotdogs are popular selections among our clients.