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Posted by Jordan Kelly, Event Coordinator

It’s an affordable option!

A four-tier wedding cake with fondant icing can be expensive. Set out the faux wedding cake for display and have sheet cakes (potentially a variety of flavors!) in the back to be served. Or you can use the money you saved by opting for the fake cake to get some other delicious options, like this mini dessert bar.

It makes for a flawless presentation! 

A fake wedding cake is safe from exposure to mishaps like smudges or melting icing (which is more common than you might think at summer weddings here in central Florida!) The ‘icing’ is perfectly even, decorations placed perfectly straight. Fake cakes are inherently picture perfect.

You can still do the traditional cake-cutting ceremony!

Many fake wedding cakes include a space on the bottom tier where you can put a slice of real cake to be taken out for those coveted cake-cutting pictures.

Great for small, intimate weddings!

If you aren’t having a large elaborate wedding, but want a large, elaborate wedding cake, fake cakes are great to offer that luxurious design with no waste.