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A lot of receptions tend to select foods for their menu that are hardy and solid. That’s how meals have always been prepared and served. And of course there’s also the line of thought that there should be two vegetables, two carbohydrates, and one meat. That does meet all traditional nutritional boxes on the checklist. But sometimes, it gets boring to just go through a checklist and following what’s recommend or commonplace. Sometimes, you don’t need to separate all of the dishes to incorporate all elements. You don’t need to have everything in separate containers, kept apart from each other. There are other ways to provide a lot of different ingredients into one bowl. A bowl of what? A delicious bowl of soup, that’s what.

Everyone presumably knows what soup is, or at least what it is in theory. It’s a meal of various ingredients, normally a few vegetables, some different carbs, and a meat cooked in a broth. Sounds pretty similar to the traditional meal elements that were outlined above, doesn’t it? However, instead of all of the flavors staying separate, they get to mingle and play within the broth, drawing on each others flavors and creating a conglomerate flavor, that takes your taste buds on a journey.

When it comes to soup, most people will probably point to chicken noodle soup. A classic. It’s used to cure sickness, sadness, almost anything. However, it may be the most famous soup, but it’s far from the one and only. Clam chowder is another type of soup, one that can be used to celebrate ones northern home town. There’s tomato and bell pepper soup offers guests a soup that’s not as heavy, but just as delicious. Beef stew is another great choice, as it’s hardy and will keep guests full and satisfied. Renaissance Catering isn’t afraid of creating any soup, so if you think you’d rather try soup stations at your event, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to oblige!