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Everyone likes a little sunshine. What’s not to love about it? Sure, it might burn if you get too much of it, but it allows for so many activities. Kids can run around, playing tag or throwing a ball around. Adults can talk and watch the children scampering about. Sunshine is a days way of welcoming everyone to come out and enjoy, to make the most of it, while not worrying about getting soaked or trying to tough out the cold. There’s not impaired vision from fog or snow, and flowers are opening up and releasing their scents to the world. But, with all of the positives that come along with sunshine, their is one draw back that is very hard to overcome, and almost impossible to ignore; the heat. Heat can overwhelm even the most outdoorsy of people. It dehydrates you, and leaves you panting and uncomfortable. However, with Renaissance Catering being located in sunny central Florida, we’re more than used to overcoming the heat and combatting it. All it takes is a little creativity to make any overly hot event a little cooler, and a lot more fun.

One way that’s become a really big treat trend as of late is shaved ice. Most people have had some kind of iced treat throughout their life, like a slushie or a slurpie, and shved ice follows along that same concept. It’s a treat that offers the ice cold refreshment that ice cream does, without having to worry about any of the calories or decadence. It’s a fun treat for kids, and there are plenty of flavors to choose from. Everyone can knock the thermometer down a few pegs by grabbing a cup or a cone and icing it up. Another great way to get some great tasting fruit involved while also resupplying your body to fight dehydration is watermelon. Does watermelon really need any other explanation? It’s delicious and everyone loves to eat it right down to the rind.