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Traditionally, reception meals are thought of as being plated. Whether buffet style or family style, food is most often eaten off of a round plate. That’s pretty common knowledge. Veggies go to one side, meat and protein on another, maybe a roll takes up a small corner, some starches on a different side, it’s all a very systematic process. You can’t go wrong with plated servings. There’s space for everything, and it’s aesthetically pleasing by being a perfectly rounded object on which to place food. However, what a wedding and marriage is not is a perfectly symmetric concept. There’s bound to be chaos, there’s bound to be some mash ups and mingling. But that’s the beauty of what we’re about to suggest. Renaissance is all about beautiful plating, but some times you have to let things get a little messy…and that mess can turn out to be a beautiful, delicious disaster.

Bowl food is a wonderfully unique way of serving your guests at your reception. Instead of having neatly designed, large portioned main courses, you’ll be able to offer your guests a multitude of different, smaller selections by offering them bowls. Bowls are just nice mashups of some tasty food, all that blends well together. Rice with curried chicken makes for a wonderful bowl with a little kick to it for guests that have a stronger stomach. Eggs in a bowl with some bacon and hash browns on top offer up a yummy breakfast at night option. You could go for a carnitas and yellow rice bowl, to offer up your guests a nice ethnic dish. Or maybe offer a soup and dumpling bowl for a more eastern taste. There are so many options, and by offering the smaller, bowled portions, everyone will be able to try a few dishes and really get to engage all of their different taste buds.