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The Renaissance Catering blog has had more than it’s fair share of posts about appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. The subject can be found across every single wedding and catering blog on the internet. That’s because the appetizer portion of receptions is the introduction, the cool down from the ceremony and the transition into the celebration that goes through the night. That’s a really important portion of time, so everything should be considered very carefully when making choices concerning what’s being served. One of the current trends has nothing to do with what’s being served though. What many guests are starting to want from their caterers is some creativity, and not just in terms of food.

Everyone knows that appetizers are meant to be finger foods. Enough to wet the palette but not enough to truly satiate anyones hunger. That would undermine the main course and desserts. So, these morsels have to be delectable, but not heavy, enticing, but not completely entrancing. There’s a fine line to be walked there. However, one thing that doesn’t need to be weighed so heavily and that can be had fun with is the canapes. Now, for those who don’t know what canapes means, it’s just a fancier word for appetizer. However, the word also implies that the little bites are prepared in a decorative manor. And that’s where the fun can be had. Not everything has to be served on a tiny platter, or with a toothpick skewered through it. Why not have some of these foods served in delightful ways! Mini burrito spring rolls, taco salads proportioned in little nacho chips. You could present your guests with french fry cones, little marinara dipper cups with miniature breadsticks to be tasted, rather than to fill up on. It’s just a fun, unique way for guests to get their stomachs held over before digging in later on. Everyone will be talking about how cute and new all of your appetizers were!