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On July 19th, 2015 Renaissance Catering was lucky enough to get to work a family reunion at the Ocoee Lakeshore Center. The venue was beyond beautiful, nestled overlooking a sparkling lake. There’s an outdoor gazebo in which to lounge about and watch the wind play with and contour the different rippling of the water. There is a nice field just in front of that gazebo in which ceremonies may be conducted out in broad daylight with beautiful nature all around.

The family was a lovely bunch who were there to have a good time and catch up with missed relatives or to get to know new ones. It was a delightful 70’s themed party, so everyone was dressed up to disco and get down! There were plenty of leather outfits, big shades, some stylish canes, and more than a few over the top lapels on suits! The night started out with a welcoming speech, with different gifts being given out to family members that have worked diligently to make sure everyone was contacted and that the whole party could go down without a hitch. After the opening ceremonies, everyone got in to the grub and got to eat their fill! Before entering the hall, there were plenty of crab cakes walked around, some in demand lamb chops, and a nice but light bruschetta. The main course consisted of fried plantains, buttered asparagus, jasmine rice, loaded potatoes, and for the meats there was delicious chicken cordon bleu wrapped in bacon, and a roast that was to die for. The younger guests even had the option of a baked macaroni prepared specially by Chef Anthony. The desserts were a sweet traditional cake, along with cupcakes for anyone who was looking for a handheld option. The guests were lovely, and staff and partiers alike all had a wonderful time. We were glad to be of service, and to anyone thinking of having a party or family gathering, we don’t just cater wedding receptions. Renaissance is a company with many talents and capabilities!

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