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It’s considered an American classic. It was written by an American man who wasn’t recognized as a great until after his time. His name and his novel have become synonymous with the golden twenties. Martinis glasses, massive shindigs, flappers, the American dream. All of these elements are a part of the novel. It’s a bygone era that many people in todays society still wish for, wondering what it would have been like to have been alive during this bombastic period of American History. So much so that one of the biggest trends of the current season literally takes it’s name from one particular novel, the novel that embodies all of the previously mentioned elements: The Great Gatsby.

It’s likely that we’ll never see such a high paced, decadent era of society again. It was a time when the country and it’s people were finding themselves again, when society was changing while also being a renaissance of sorts for cultural ingenuity. The Great Gatsby acted as a zeitgeist of that generation. So, it’s not surprising that many receptions for parties and weddings are going for Gatsby themed weddings. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, as they say.

More than just remembering a time gone by, it’s also a fun way to give everyone an excuse to kind of let loose and become someone else. They’re not longer their current aged self, they’re able to become someone living it up in the 1920’s living it up in the high life. They’re transported back to the golden age, which is exactly what a reception or party should be. It’s entering into the golden age of a relationship, a blossoming of sorts into the most blissful time of a persons life. A Gatsby party is the perfect way to pay homage to the ceremony itself. Yes, the tradition and sancticity of the marriage is still followed. But then everyone gets to cut lose and lose themselves in this transcendant ceremony, becoming a being in the roaring golden age, able to embrace the party and to enjoy the renaissance of a blossoming union between two people. So, why not grab a glass, do the foxtrot, and cut loose for a little while?

Flapper girl: Retro party invitation design. Vector illustration