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Storytelling has evolved through the ages. Humanity has moved from it being a base for of transporting information, through word of mouth, to amazing spectals of technology and stunts. One thing that hasn’t changed is our fascination with these stories. Everyone imagines themselves as the star of their very own movie. They’re the titular character with their own supporting cast. Everyone’s at least had one wistful thought of themselves in a fantasy movie, or as a tough action hero, as the leadind lady in a romantic movie. It’s human nature, and escapism is a human trait, and movies are a fun, easy way for us to be whisked away into a world that isn’t our own, as much as we wish our everyday was a movie.

Well, here’s a question for you. For one day, why can’t you be the movie star for a day? Why can’t all of the action, dialogue, and characters be forcused around you on your titular day? So, why not make your reception the unveiling of the movie of your future? It’s the grand opening, the Hollywood premier! You could go for an Oscars party theme, where the nomination for best picture is you and your partner? Or, you could pick a specific movie genre, or even a specific movie to base your reception around. Love Forrest Gump? Put boxes of chocolates all around the reception hall! Big Annie Hall fan? Why not recreate the lobster scene by serving your guests lobster at your reception. Or, maybe you’re a big Tarantino fan. The diner scene with Samuel Jackson and John Travolta couldn’t be any more recognizable. Why not have some diner based foods while also wearing the clothes of the movies characters. There’s so many iconic movies and so many of theme can be used to decorate and serve your event. And for that day, Renaissance Catering would like to help make you the star, the shining center of attention.