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On Friday June 19th, 2015, we here at Renaissance Catering had the pleasure of servicing the Boeing Company with one of our delicious breakfast spreads. We laid out our beverage station which included an assortment of juice selections, the most popular always being orange juice. Hey, we’re in Florida, it’s kind of a staple! There was also a serve yourself coffee station, because every early morning is only made better when you have the godsend that is caffeine on your side.

We served up a delicious, refreshing fruit platter. It included blueberries, cantaloupe, and grapefruit. These types of fruits aren’t too sweet, and they have just enough tartness to really give your body and taste buds that kick to get you rolling. There was also a platter of yogurt parfait, with some extra toppings set off to the side so that guests could garnish and build upon the parfait however they liked.

Morning pastries are always a hit with any fan of breakfast foods. We provided mini blueberry, chocolate chip, and chocolate muffins. Each muffin is small enough to pop in your mouth, but with how savory they are you don’t need the muffin to be much bigger! Also on the pastry platter were delectable little creme filled pastries. Not everyone’s a fan of creme filled foods, but boy oh boy are these little boys tasty! The body of each was flaky, and the creme itself airy, light, and tantalizingly sweet. Last, but certainly not least, were the cinnamon rolls. Is anymore elaboration really required when it comes to this classic fan favorite? It had the swirl, it had the cinnamon, and it had the sugar glaze. Simplicity at it’s best, and why try and build on perfection?

Dishes can include any mix and match of the staple breakfast fare. Eggs, oatmeal, hash-browns. The food was delicious, the company was great, and we hope that we helped make it a very special morning for the Boeing company and all of the wonderful employees.

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