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Here at Renaissance Catering, we have a pretty eclectic group of people. All of our chefs have their own booming personalities, and our staff is just as colorful and endearing. But, it only works so well because everyone comes together like a mosaic. It’s a mashup of personalities that just somehow…works. It’s not every day that happens, just as it’s not every dish that it can happen. One of the more adventurous but rewarding choices for catered events right now is to have mashups of great foods. Just, stick with me and I’ll explain why motley mashups of food may be the choice for you.

Pizza. I know, just saying it is just a declaration. But…let’s be honest, pizza is a fantastic food. You know what else is fantastic? dessert. Now, one seems like a main course, and one is a little something to satiate your sweet tooth. But why do they have to be separate? Why not have the fluffy crush of a pizza with icing for a sauce and some cookie crumbs as the topping? Starting to sound pretty good? Well, this isn’t the only mashup dish. How about a nacho lasagna? You use the marinara sauce as you normally would, and in place of layers of ricotta cheese you use ground beef, but here’s where it gets fun: instead of the pasta sheets, use tortillas to layer the ingredients instead. Or, as it’s been sweeping the internet, why not go for a burger, replacing the bun with ramen? Don’t worry, the ramens grilled, so it’s not just raw! Or maybe a mac and cheese burger? Or a burger stuffed with jalapenos and cheese?

All of those dishes said, the point is this: mashup dishes are fun and exciting, and completely unexpected. Shake up the norm and follow the beat of your own drummer. It is your event after all, so have it catered the way you want. Ask us and talk to us here at Renaissance Catering and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your event is the perfect mashup of food and service! 299639_139497059483570_1729701225_n