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This blogs written about themed food for receptions. Well, in that same vain of thought, lets talk about ingredient stations. It sounds strange, but it’s a brilliant idea. Renaissance knows one thing for sure: without the right ingredients, no dish would truly be great. Ingredient stations just take that to another level. Here’s the general concept. At many a weddings, couples are now featuring stations: drink stations, taco stations, macaroni and cheese stations, and so on. Guests are free to go up and serve themselves whatever they’d like from said stations. It’s a really fun interaction that gets guests involved and also offers a refreshing element to your reception. Well, think of that same concept, but in place of food specific stations, you make ingredient specific stations. Say you’re a huge fan of sriracha, well why not have a little bit of you in one of the stations? The station can feature foods that are all cooked with that ingredient featured. Sriracha chicken bites, sriracha cocktail sauce, even sriracha deviled eggs. That’s the whole idea of these stations. Pick ingredients, or an ingredient, and feature it at different stations, with plenty of dishes that feature and accentuate that ingredient. It can be a fun little twist instead of having traditional appetizers brought around. Having multiple stations isn’t a bad idea either. At Renaissance we offer our full compliance to give you the best experience we can. Multiple stations could be that little garnish on top of your big day. That way, you can really satisfy your taste-buds. Think about it. There are too many types of salt too count in this world, you could have a whole station just featuring different and exotic types of salt with cups of fries to use them on. Even bacon is a main ingredient in different dishes. You could have a whole station dedicated to bacon: bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon doughnut bites, literally, the possibilities for these stations are endless. So, just get in contact with us and we’ll see what we can do! 11209614_625441810889090_1663531154722250860_n