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Today, being Sunday May 24th, we had the pleasure of serving the reception of Dakota and Courtney! They had a lovely reception, with the color being peach. The color was a great choice, as the party arrived as the sun was setting, so the hues of the sky played delightfully with the inlaid pieces of the party. The lovely newlyweds were a delight to serve, and all of the guests were very amiable and so easy to serve. Most of the reception took place outside, as the Porcher house allows a gorgeous view of the river along with splendid park of Cocoa Village. The couple decided to go with a buffet style serving choice, and it flowed seamlessly throughout the day, with a plethora of food choices, including an enormously cheesy macaroni dish, baked potatoes, and the most popular choice, good old fried chicken. The couple made a rewarding decision, at least for the guests, by having multiple cakes to choose from. There was a traditional style wedding cake, a red velvet cake, a double chocolate cake, and even a peanut butter cake. There was something for everyone, and everyone definitely picked a favorite! Another interesting choice which had the crowd buzzing was the choice to have a gourmet dessert popcorn station. There was cupcake flavors, and chocolate flavors, even lemon flavors! I’d call it a success, and I don’t think there’d be anyone who attended that would disagree!

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