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Appetizers. Everyone loves them. They get your palette ready for the meal you’re about to engulf. Look, no one’s judging. Weddings are taxing. It’s not just the stress of planning for months beforehand. It’s not making sure that every last little detail has been taken care of and checking and double checking that there are no lose ends. The wedding day itself is a whole beast unto it’s own. It really gets your metabolism firing on all cylinders. So, you and your guests fly forth from the location of your ceremony to your reception venue and whats the first sensation that hits you. I know, I know, you would think it would be shock and awe that you’re now bound to the love of your life; that you are now man and wife. No, that hits and will keep hitting you for the hours after. What does immediately hit you is this: you don’t have to stress anymore, you get to relax, and oh yeah, all that stress has really worked up your appetite. It sounds crazy, hyperbolic, ludicrous even, but it’s true. Well, generally, you don’t just dive straight into the meal. It needs time to be prepped, and your guests would like to have a drink and mingle. But everyone would still enjoy something to nibble on, you know, just to hold themselves over. That’s where we come in. See, at Renaissance, we offer butler passes in our packages. Now, you may be wondering, “What’s a butler package?” Well, a butler package is a godsend while you wait for the main courses to be brought out, that’s what it is. See, servers and staff come out with food, little bites of heaven, and they walk around, offering each and every guests a try. If it sounds to good to be true, it’s not. Trust us, we get it, the day is monumental, but once the air settles, your stomach is still the ruler of the kingdom. Just let us offer you a little aid in keeping it at bay, so that you can focus on your new status. 10338456_1001037759916044_6361842647436865774_o