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So, looking at a catering menu can be a bit…well, daunting, right? At Renaissance catering we’re willing to help you on any decisions or choices you make regarding food choices and the like. But even our menu looks a bit scary at fist glance. But it’s not. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy. That even means we’ll go off the beaten path to lead your reception to the promised land. Want to know one of the big hits that’s sweeping through wedding receptions this year? Interactive kiosk stations. Well, that sounds even more daunting than a menu, doesn’t it? It’s really the opposite. It’s a kiosk with a chef or employee manning it, with various food choices on the table. Well, where’s the interactivity you may ask. It’s in that you get to make the decisions, but you have someone there who’s familiar with all of the selections, and knows what pairings lead to the best tasting dish you can get. You get to decide what goes on your plate, while having someone coach you through the whole time. It’s not the same old boring lines, waiting to be served, or having someone hold up the line. You get to pick and choose which stations you want to go to, instead of wasting your time in front of the potatoes.

Better yet, you don’t even have to do it during the main course serving. These kiosks are best utilized during cocktail hour. Everyone’s grabbing a drink and catching up with each other. You know what makes that even more enjoyable? If there’s food available so that people can get their grub on while they get their gab on. So, let’s go back through and hit the finer points of an interactive kiosk station: Food available for cocktail hour, different kiosks with different selections, a streamlined process, and a knowledgeable party to guide you to pairing foods. So…wedding catering and menus were imposing, right? It’s not really looking that way anymore. Talk to us at Renaissance catering to see if we can help you out so you can get the ball rolling.