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On August 28th, 2015 Renaissance Catering had the pleasure of serving some of our current and retired military servicemen. They chose to hold their event at the Comfort Inn in Cocoa Beach. Everyone was a pleasure to cater, friendly and kind, the night went on beautifully! The food was centered on an Italian theme. There were meatball butler passes, mini chicken calzones, and fresh, crunchy bruschetta. Everyone loved the meatballs, and our servers kept running back to the kitchen to reload their trays! The mini chicken calzones were also a big hit, and guests were grabbing them two or three at a time! The bruschetta took a bit longer to catch on, but that’s only because not every guests was familiar with what exactly bruschetta was! The entree line started with a popular and in demand Italian green bean dish, followed by traditional mashed potatoes. The middle of the serving line is where things got really fun! Guests were served up nice portions of penne pasta and offered the choice of either a deliciously season marinara sauce or a rich and creamy fettuccini sauce. Next in the line came the bacon wrapped chicken cordon bleu. The chicken was bathed in a tasty broth that soaked into the meat and a juicy, tender flavor and the bacon provided that smoky crispness on the outside. If guests weren’t huge fans of chicken, there was also beautiful cuts of beef being served up by Chef Anthony himself. Don’t think that the guests just got their grub on in the form of entrees though! There was also a beautifully laid out dessert station, with chocolate chip cookies, brightly designed sugar cookies, white macadamia cookies, mini brownies and muffins, and a popping assortment of cupcakes. Everyone got to walk away with not only their fill of savory but plenty of sweet too! It was a wonderful event and we here at Renaissance feel so honored that they chose us as their caterers!

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