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So, we all know that wedding days are meant to be magical. There supposed to be the happy ending that everyone dreams of having. It’s not just an ordinary day, and it’s not just a day with a pleasant surprise. In fact, it could be said that there are only a handful of days that can even come close to matching the prominence of a wedding day. It’s a day in which the happy couple to be get to become royalty, and it’s a celebration of them, not just for them. You could almost say it’s a fairy tale, with the carriage riding off to carry them into happily ever after. So, why not find ways for the reception to reflect that? We here at Renaissance Catering are all about making dreams come true, happily ever afters aren’t far off from that.

We can’t make dragons fly across the sky, or have any army to give an honor salute, and we can’t summon faeries to fly around, though our wait staff do flit to and fro. What we can do is to offer up some food and drink selections that are downright magical. How about some spiced apple cider so guests can reminisce on Snow Whites happy tale. How about some nice pretzel sticks with cotton candy wrapped around the end so guests can have their very own fairy wands. Ginger Bread houses are bathed in fairy tale lore, and they make the perfect desserts that are fun to look at and even more fun to devour. How about bean soup to conjure up images of Jack climbing the bean stalk? These are just some basic item choices. Everything can be laid out beautifully in an enchanting manner so that guests aren’t sure whether they’ve just walked into a reception hall or into the enchanted forest!