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Have you ever looked out the window and just thought, “Wow, what a gorgeous day.” Some days just call out more than others, begging to be embraced and enjoyed. The wind smells just a bit more crips and refreshing, and the sun feels like it’s recharging everything that the weeks have drained. It’s a refreshing experience that really can be described as perfectly tranquil. It’s on these type of days that picnics are enjoyed. You have the environment in a perfect state, without a care in the world, why not enjoy a meal along with it? Take a load off, sit down, have some cheese and fruit, and just live in the moment for awhile.

Now, let’s look at what wedding days are. One of the happiest days of any couples lives, but also one of the most stressful. There’s so much to worry about leading up to the wedding and reception that sometimes we all forget that it’s a joyous occassion, not a hurdle. So, if wedding reception are meant to be a celebration of union between two people, shouldn’t the setting and experience be a grand and ideal situation? Well, we have the scene, and a picnic sounds like just the right setting.

Think about it, picnics are like mini vacations, a chance to escape and clear your mind. You just got married, why not sit back and just enjoy that for awhile, without having to look ahead to future responsibilites. You and all of your loved ones sitting out, enjoying the weather, in a place of sheer bliss and peacefulness. It’s an ideal situation for a day that has so much hecticness about it. The best part about it is that picnic food is pretty universal. It’s mostly finger foods, mini sandwiches, nice scones, meat and cheeses, tasty wines. All of these little details swirl together to create A perfect little day for you and your significant other. Renaissance Catering is all about finding those perfect moments that you never forget, maybe yours could be the perfect little picnic.