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Spring is here, and Summer’s just around the corner. What better time of year to have a wedding, party, celebration, or event of any kind! The weathers already going to be perfect, so why not make a beautiful spring day a little more spectacular with your own contribution; better yet, let us help you!


Since Winter is over, it’s time to start moving forward into colors that show off the blossoming of the season. As you can see, pinks, purples, and vibrant takes on table top clothes and bows are really bursting. Any event you’re having could use these sun burst of colors to truly show off just what it is you’re celebrating! And it’s not just the colors that have a pep in their step. Even setups and table layouts are starting to show through after shaking off the last chills of the cold.


Be sure to start booking events and letting us know of what we can provide for you. It’s going to start getting busy in the coming months, and it’s always best to prepare beforehand, that way whatever you’re looking to do can run smoothly, giving you a sense of ease and plenty of breathing room. That’s what we’re here to do; help you to enjoy the sun and your family and friends, and to make sure everyone is leaving with a full belly and a light heart!


Also, be on the lookout for us at more bridal shows, and if you would like, feel free to contact us at any time! We’re always looking to send out emails about any new services we may be providing, or to just give you some helpful information on what the months ahead will hold in terms of styles, color schemes, and food choices.

We’re also looking to get more involved in social media, so be sure to check out all of the links that we provide! We’re going to try and start having more of a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and whatever other sites we can get our roots into, so stay on the lookout! Now go enjoy the sun shining down and the nice cool breezes that Spring is bringing us, and we hope to hear from or see you soon!