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One of the best starches on this planet happens to be one that has a plethora of options for sauces and mixed in ingredients. And the size all depends on how it’s cut and how it’s rolled out. And it’s so much fun to eat on top of that! It can be chopped into tinier bits, twirled to the end of the line, or scooped up and slurped. You don’t have to serve your guests full sized portions of pasta either. Just as with many other food items, this year is moving more towards shooters and miniature versions of dishes, and pastas don’t have to be an exception. Shooter glasses or tiny plates could be used so that guests can sample different pastas, or try different combinations of pasta styling and sauces. A whole station could be centered around it. Lay out different types of noodles, such as bowtie, angel hair, egg noodles, elbow macaroni, penne, rigatoni, the list could go on and on. It seems like such a little thing, but it can be a fun little activity for guests, so they could mix and match and experiment with the different textures and see if they find a new favorite combination. That’s just for the different noodle types, that’s not even getting into the ridiculous amounts of sauces that are out there. You could have a bowl of the classic marinara sauce, a bowl of alfredo sauce, garlic butter sauce, and a few other basic sauces that everyones had at some point. Then there are the more varied types, like browned butter sauce, meat sauce, tomato, bacon, and mint sauce, sauce that utilize ricotta. There are so many choices and combinations, and your guests will love the explosion of flavor. Then can pace themselves, getting the perfect amount of pasta for their hunger. Consider it next time and contact Renaissance Catering, because no sauce is too hard and no pasta too short or long.