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Many people have their events, whether they be wedding receptions, family reunions, birthday parties, etc, picked out weeks to months in advance. You want to make sure that you have your caterer set in stone, that you have a venue that is still going to be open when a few months roll by, and a head count is always important as it lets you get supplies and everything that will be needed so no one is left out. However, having a date picked out is one thing. That can be marked on a calendar and it’s set in stone. That day will still be there when you check it in five minutes, and it will be there six months after your events passed.

What’s harder to pick and put a pin in so far in advance is the time of day when your event will be commencing. In the long run, something like morning, afternoon, or night seems trivial when compared to all the other important details that you’ll be sifting over. However, in relation to the menu items offered, the exact hour can determine a lot. Think about it; each meal of the day has different staples that everyone would generally agree pertain to a time of day. Eggs go with breakfast, dinner is normally heavier fare, and lunch can range anywhere from a light salad to a filling and tasty sandwich. With connections like these, it would make sense to plan a menu around the time your event is kicking off. If you’re having a breakfast, Renaissance always suggests a hardy egg breakfast, or some fluffy pancakes covered in sticky, sweet syrup. Lunch is always great for a nice grilled chicken with mixed veggies, or perhaps a nice, fresh salmon with some rice, meals that are filling, yet aren’t heavy, that way you can go about the rest of your day, or get some dancing in if it’s a wedding reception. For dinner, a delectable steak, or chicken cordon bleu, anything that is a heavy protein and will keep you set for the rest of the night. Think about the time of your event, not just the date, that way your choices can leave everyone satisfied. IMG_1355_crop_600