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A lot of couples like to have their wedding fare consist of things that they like. Who wouldn’t want that? It’s your big day, so why not enjoy food that you’re comfortable with, food that you eat to feel great, and who doesn’t want to feel great on the day that their joining in a union with the person they love? That’s perfectly fine and acceptable, and most comfort foods are things that are universally loved, so their won’t be any guests that feel as though there’s nothing for them. Those foods are tried and true, and every caterer knows how to make them. Mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, rolls, chicken or steak, all delicious foods that are hard to mess up. But every reception has those foods. During wedding season, people become accustomed to those foods, if not oversaturated, because they’ve seen and tasted them at every reception. So why not change it up? Why not bring in some flavors that guests aren’t used to? Something that not everyone gets everyday, or something a bit off the beaten path in terms of normal menu items? A really interesting idea that’s taking hold as of late is to have the food at the reception representative of the honeymoon location. Sure, the couple will be there in a few days and they’ll have a week full of those foods, but that’s one singular week. Why not get a taste for it earlier, to jump in head first and get the vacation started earlier. It’ll even give the guests a chance to take part in the honeymoon with the couple. If the couples heading to a location like Mexico, why not throw some Mexican dishes in the menu? If they’re traveling to the Caribbean, why not feature some jerk chicken? There are so many options just depending on where the honeymoon will be. Feel free to ask Renaissance Catering, as we’re more than open to learning new dishes or being adaptable to different dishes.