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One of the biggest traditions that comes along with a wedding reception is the dessert. There are generally various options when it comes to dessert at receptions, but the one that everyone thinks of when discussing it is one that comes with its own little ceremony; the cake. Everyone has the image in their head of a happy couple making the first cut into a cake as one. They laugh and they proceed to shove the cake into each others face, making a mess but creating a beautiful moment. No one wants to touch that part of the ceremony, it’s just too cute and perfect to throw away. The only problem is, as happens with having large amounts of food, is that a lot of cake is wasted. It’s no ones fault, there are many guests who are avoiding cake, some who don’t like the taste, some who are just too stuffed from the main courses. There’s nothing wrong with any of those reasons. The problem lies in the fact that couples tend to spend an inordinate amount of money on elaborate cakes only to have it wasted. That’s no good. However, what if you could have a cake so that the couple could still remember it, but that wasn’t the sole dessert. What if there were smaller, other options to choose from, that led to less waste and equaled out to a better usage of food? Why not have mini desserts passed around by the serving staff? Renaissance catering is all about butler passed appetizers, and desserts don’t have to be an exception. An interesting decision is to have pie shooters. Pie shooters are mini taster of pies, or individual pies in shot glasses. It’s a lot of flavor in a tiny container, but it’s the perfect portion size for everyone to quench their sweet tooth but not waste any! Consider it when planning your next event or reception!