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Most every reception, for whatever event it might be, tends to incorporate one universal element. Every event tends to utilize something to get people talking, get shoulders loosened, and maybe even usher a few brave souls out onto the dance floor, and I think everyone knows what that item is; alcohol. Wedding receptions, family reunions, work parties, almost everyone likes to have a station or bar area where everyone of age can get an ice cold drink to help them relax. Not every guests might know each other, and there’s easier way for strangers to become quick friends then to have conversation over an ice cold beer. Wines are always great for pairing off with different courses to optimize the flavors that are drawn out. Some people liked mixed drinks, such as gin and tonic, or a vodka cranberry, the list goes on and on. The choices of drinks aren’t in question, because, honestly, the drink of choice changes from person to person. There is one thing that can be a constant that doesn’t flow with preferences, and that is where the presentation of the drinks would come into it. The drinks don’t have to stay hidden behind the bar. If they’re just hidden in a cooler, then everyones only getting to enjoy the taste and not the visual. Why not have chilled holders for different bottles of liquor or bottles of wine. Beautiful ice sculptures can be placed around to dazzle the guests. Colors of labels on beer can be used to create a rainbow of colors across the bar area. Instead of holding all drinks in their normal bottles, they can be placed in beautiful decanters that make for a much classier appearance. Consider getting some reusable ice cubes, so that guests drinks don’t get watered down. There are many ways to make a bar more than just a giant drink cabinet.

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