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Centerpieces act as the artwork of tables. All of the plating, silverware layout, and linen choices are all connected by the centerpieces. It’s the nucleus of your guests dining area. Table decor is something that’s oft overlooked, when really it should be given a little extra attention. Guests spend a fair amount of time at various tables during a reception. They sit down to eat, to have conversation, to rest their feet after a few hours of dancing. With that much time being spent around the decoration of the table, shouldn’t it be something dazzling? Or if it’s not dazzling, why not something practical and for enjoyment?

The tried and true centerpiece is generally a bouquet of various of flowers with colors that mesh with the surrounding decorations. But why not change it up and have something a little more fun? Flowers are fantastic and beautiful, but no one wants to clean up the petals pulled off by children, or to have to look around or over flowers to try and talk to the person sitting directly in front of them. The flowers can become cumbersome, causing trouble while not providing much in the way of entertainment.

There are plenty of unique food centerpieces that allow the table to have it’s own interactive area built right in. You save space, while also providing a special kind of beauty for each table, a delicious beauty. Renaissance catering offers to set up centerpieces and to help couples decide what would go best with the aesthetic of the reception. One sweet centerpiece is to have cupcakes places decoratively in the center of the table, with alternating colors that compliment the general design of the reception. Or, if you’d rather have something to offer for the little ones that’ll be present, not to mention offering a little quick snack for the adults, a lollipop bouquet is always a fun selection. Fresh fruit is another way to go, with all of the bright colors inviting guests to try something that’s healthy with a tart taste. These are just but a few of the various options open to you to give your tables that little something extra.