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Most receptions generally have appetizers served around by the caterers staff. It’s delicious, wets the pallet, and kind of kicks things off before everyone gets to eating, dancing, and making merry! Once everyones had their fill of the finger food and grabbed a nice refreshing drink, the migration inside towards the tables normally begins. Now, receptions tend to follow the formula that’s been used in restaurants and food service locations for a long time. Most meals begin with a soup or salad, then proceed to an entree, then dessert. There’s nothing wrong with that formula, and it still works, because food is an amazing unifier and relaxant, and sitting down and enjoying a meal with friends and family is never time lost.

But why not change it up a little? We’re always talking about trying to shake things up, not because Renaissance Catering has a problem with tradition, but because we like for things to stay fresh and for you to feel as though your reception wasn’t just going through the motions. You don’t have to shake things up too much. Weddings have been doing just fine for years, and there’s no reason at all to shake down the foundation of the reception. But, why not change things up, call an audible?

One easy way to do this without throwing everything out the window is to try and introduce new elements into the cycle. Why not switching out the salad for another opener? You don’t have to lose any of the taste or freshness of a salad. Why not open with some edamame that the guests can dig into, getting their hands a little dirty? Or maybe have a nice sushi boat, so that you and your guests can taste the fresh seafood while also not filling up too much. Maybe have a nice hummus spread with some vegetables, or a guacamole dip? There are so many options that are new and refreshing, just like throwing a healthy curveball into your reception.