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Everybody loves a good fondue fountain. It’s ridiculously fun, you get to feel engaged and like you’re doing more than just transporting food to your mouth, and really, I mean…there’s just something great about watching a liquid cascade over something delicious on your skewer. It’s as simple as that. Well, Renaissance Catering can actually bring the sensation of that experience directly to you and your event or wedding reception. That’s right; maybe your wedding didn’t have a fountain right outside the front doors, but your reception can have a different kind of fountain awaiting your and yours right when you arrive.

Now the question becomes, did you go for sweet or savory. Well, that really depends on you and your betrothed. There’s not really a wrong choice when presented with these two options though, so don’t stress too much about it. You and your guests can indulge either way. All you have to ask yourself is what does the rest of your catering look like?

If you went with heavy on the carbohydrates and main dishes, say, having many potato based dishes, or having foods that are high on starches and tend to sit in your stomach leaving you that full bellied feeling of being satisfied, then maybe throw in a chocolate fountain. That way you can follow up your savory selections with some succulent strawberries to dip in, or some fluffy marshmallows.

If you want to go the other direction, and your a person who really likes to engage in decadent dessert flavors, then maybe you don’t want to overload your guests or yourself with dessert upon dessert all while a chocolate fountain is bubbling endlessly near by. Everything in moderation, as they say. If that’s the case, then maybe try a cheese fountain. That way your guests can come in and wet their appetite and get something cheesy, salty, and delicious as kind of a dichotomy to all the layered sweetness they’ll be tasting later.

Don’t just take our advice, switch it up and get whatever one you want! It is your wedding reception! We just want to make sure it’s great for you, cause at Renaissance Catering, it’s your day, we’re just trying to make it perfect!