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So, it’s never been a secret that dressing to look good isn’t always the comfiest way to go about presenting yourself. Sure, you look dazzling, dashing, and any other number of adjectives in the dictionary. It’s not going to change the fact that you might have to suck it in a little bit, or that some part of the seam of the dress just keeps stabbing you in the side. It’s a price we pay to look good, and on your wedding day, that’s kind of a big deal. A bride should look and feel like a queen, while the groom should look like a prince awaiting his everything. A beautiful image, and an uncomfortable ordeal. Most couples will say they’d rather be at home in sweatpants marathoning something on Netflix while eating some delicious food.

But what if you get to have your dream wedding while enduring slight discomfort, but afterwards, you get to go and let loose all while enjoying delicious comfort food. You’re getting your dream and your desire. It’s the perfect combination! Well, if there’s one thing that Renaissance Catering knows intimately, and also knows how to make flawlessly, it’s comfort food. And we can do it for you. Let us alleviate some of the weight on your shoulders and bring the comfort to you and your guests.

A lot of people think of comfort food as feel good food, and it is! However, what does that really entail? People find comfort in all different types of food. But that’s the beauty of catering and the chefs of Renaissance, they know how to make everything! General comfort food can be things such as corn dogs, because who doesn’t love a good old corn dog, wafting the aroma of a past carnival trip? Or, how about some cheesy baked macaroni? There are only two people who don’t like macaroni: those who are lying, and those who haven’t tried it yet. For dessert, maybe some pie. Pies embody the heart of a family get together, and that’s literally what a wedding is; two families getting together to be joined as one.

Renaissance knows comfort, and we know food. You can count on us being able to put the two together.